3 Best Twitter App for iPhone


There were Twitter apps for the iPhone before the App Store. Twitterrific was one of the programmes available for jailbroken iPhones prior to the introduction of the App Store with iPhone OS 2.0.

I’d even argue that without the App Store, Twitter would not exist today. While Twitter has worked hard in recent years to undercut third-party apps, the ecosystem remains vibrant. I’ll be comparing all of the iPhone Twitter apps this week to see which one is the best.

Let’s take a look at the best iPhone Twitter app.

1. Twitterrific for iPhone


As previously stated, Twitterrific for iPhone was the first Twitter application for the iPhone, launched before the App Store existed. It could only be used on an iPhone that has been jailbroken. Over the years, Twitterrific has seen various redesigns and overhauls.

Twitterrific is one of the best Twitter clients available. It offers a lot of the same features as the official Twitter app, but it also has a lot of differences. The first is muffling. To hide certain @screenames, hashtags, URL domains, or keywords, utilise muffling.

You can ban subjects in Twitter’s official app as well, but Twitterrific goes a step farther. It also features a “edit” option, which is similar to deleting and retweeting a tweet. It is, nonetheless, quite helpful.

For iPhone, Twitterrific Twitterrific for Mac also syncs your location. Because Twitter doesn’t have a native macOS client, Twitterrific has an advantage over the official Twitter app (save for Tweetie).

Twitter as an app does not provide an uniform user experience across all of your devices. Your preferences will not sync if you use Twitter on your iPhone and then switch to a Mac app like Tweetbot or Twitterrific.

The unified timeline feature of Twitterrific allows you to see @ replies in your main timeline even if you don’t follow the person.

Twitterrific is excellent in general. It has a lovely design and provides a “classic” Twitter experience. It’s your timeline, so there are no promotional tweets, no You Might Have Missed This, and no X-person liked this Tweet. It does, however, miss several of Twitter’s latest features, such as group DMs, built-in GIF search, and more.

Both experiences are excellent, but your preference will determine which one you prefer. On the App Store, Twitterrific is free, with a $4.99 premium version that removes ads and includes a tweet translation service.

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2. Twitter for iPhone


I don’t mind using the official Twitter app, despite the fact that it receives a lot of flak from the Twitter-tech community.

Twitter has made the app incredibly user-friendly with link preview embeds, rich media (with GIF integration), the ability to create threads (with tweeting all at once), and live video through Periscope.

The official Twitter iPhone app has a lot to offer people who use the service to keep up with the latest news, stay in touch with friends, and don’t mind if their timeline isn’t in chronological order all of the time. There are some unique features as well, such as group direct chats and real-time notifications.

In terms of downsides, I wish I could force it to always show me the most current tweets instead of reverting to the ones it thinks I’ll like. I also wish I had the option to disable the ability to view what other people like. Instagram integration on the official app is also limited due to a lack of collaboration between Facebook and Twitter. The image appears on Instagram’s mobile view when you click on an Instagram link.

Overall, the software does a fantastic job. It has a nice design, is often updated, and supports all of Twitter’s latest features. Twitter for iPhone is already available for free on the App Store.

3. Tweetbot for iPhone

Like Twitterrific, Tweetbot offers a “classic” Twitter experience. It’s been around for a while and comes with a lot of useful features. It misses several new Twitter features, such as group DMs and Twitter’s news platform view, just as Twitterrific. It does, however, include a Giphy-powered GIF search, so you can participate in the GIF fun. It also features a feature similar to Twitterrific for muting hashtags, individuals, and keywords.

The ability to use Twitter lists as an easily accessible timeline is one of Tweetbot’s advantages over the official Twitter client. This feature is excellent for issues that you want to keep track of but doesn’t want to clog up your main timeline.

The option to make private notes on profiles is another valuable feature of Tweetbot. This feature may be beneficial if you use Tweetbot to communicate with clients and prospects. It can be used to scribble down client notes that you can refer to later.

Overall, Tweetbot, like Twitterrific, offers an excellent service. I haven’t had many issues with the app. Tweetbot is a $4.99 app available on the App Store.

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What’s the best Twitter app for iPhone?

It’s difficult to make a recommendation for the best iPhone Twitter app. It all depends on the type of experience you want to have. Begin by downloading the official Twitter app, which is free and includes all of Twitter’s most recent features. If something about it doesn’t work for you, look into the alternatives (non-chronological timeline, for example).

If you want a consistent experience between macOS and iOS, you should consider the alternatives. Twitter is aiming to divert people to its own website on the PC. If you choose to utilize a third-party software, Tweetbot has a slight edge in terms of aesthetics, but both are fantastic and have a large list of unique capabilities. Check them out and let me know in the comments which one you think is the best.