How to download twitter video on PC

Download Twitter Video on PC

As you might be aware that Download Twitter Video is one of the top-most video downloader sites among others which has around thousands of active users per month.

It’s like a mini blog where anybody can share anything about anyone with everyone all over the world.

Twitter provides all the features what a social media site to have but like others, it does not allow you to download twitter videos or Twitter GIF directly from twitter sites also.

And always there is a chance that you are watching a video on twitter and want to save it offline for sharing it with your friends who have not a twitter account or for watching later but because it does not allow so you might be sad at that moment.

But now you don’t need to be sad about it because here I am going to share one of the most effective tricks which will help you to download online twitter video or Twitter GIF Downloader from twitter without any hesitation.

Although, there are multiple third-party tools available out there which ensures you that they are enough capable to download any video or GIF file from Twitter on any device either it’s about android, windows or mac.

But in this article mainly our focus is on to share tricks for downloading twitter videos on PC and so that we will see for other platforms in another article.

Basically, here I will be sharing some third-party tools where you just have to copy the link of the video from the twitter and paste it into the box given in the tool and then click on the download and your video will be saved in your desktop computer. how to download twitter video and GIF on desktop and mobile.

Steps to download twitter video on pc

It is very simple, to make this happen, here I am going Twittering to share a few simple steps, you just follow it…

So, follow these steps given below carefully…

  1. The first step toward Download Twitter video is finding the link of the desired video which is embedded with the tweets.
  2. And here is how you will find the link of your desired video…
    1. Login into your twitter account.
    2. Find the video actually, you want to download.
    3. Click on the tweet and copy the URL of that tweet from the URL bar. This is the method of copying the link of the video.
    4. Another method is to click on the three dots on the top right corner of the tweet and then select copy the link. Both methods are effective so choose according to your best.
  3. Once you copied the link open Twitter video downloader online tool. Over there you would be able to see the text box where you have to just paste the link you have copied and click on download.
  4. Google Chrome has an extension of this tool so if you want you may install it also.
  5. Finally, if you have followed all the steps carefully then it might be saved in your PC now.

So, this was about one tool, like this there are thousands of tools available on the internet but I think this one is enough to fulfill your requirement. Read more for more details.


Let’s wrap up…

Above we have talked about that how you can download videos or Twitter GIFs download from twitter which is very difficult to download directly from Twitter and so that I have shared few simple steps with a tool which will help you to download twitter videos easily in your PC.