Free Download Twitter Videos Online and Mobile

Download Twitter Videos on Desktop

If you are using the internet from a very long tie then you might be knowing that download twitter videos online counts under one of those social media sites where people share their thought with one another in a different format of information like text, images, videos, etc.

Among all these forms of data, the Download Twitter videos on Mac desktop and mobile are one of the most interactive forms which people love to watch either the video is about any funny jokes or a serious matter.

You might be wondering to know that Twitter has established around 350 million active users monthly from all over the world and it’s a huge fan base. And you might be one of those active users if you are an internet user.

I am sure that while scrolling twitter page you might have got that one video which you wanted to download for watching again and again and share to some other friends too.

somehow, unfortunately, you couldn’t able to do this because twitter does not allow you to download twitter videos on the desktop any form of data from its platform like videos, gif, mp3, etc. same like other social media sites.

And if you are one of those people then now you do not worry because today in this article I am going to share a few simple tips and trick which will help you to download your favorite video.

Let’s begin…

Free Download Twitter Videos Online Desktop and Mobile

As you guys know that twitter does not allow their users to download videos and gif from its platform and that’s why here in this section I am going to share few simple steps which you have to follow to successfully download the videos and GIF from twitter.

Let’s begin…

Download Free Twitter Videos on Desktop and Mobile

There are multiple techniques and tricks available with lot more tools out there but all of them doesn’t work, maximum has been created just for spamming and that’s why here I am going to share one of the effective methods for downloading twitter videos.

So, follow these steps given below carefully…

  1. The first step toward downloading the Twitter video is finding the link of the desired video which is embedded with the tweets.
  2. And here is how you will find the link of your desired video…
    1. Login into your twitter account.
    2. Find the video you want to download.
    3. Click on the tweet and copy the URL of that tweet from the URL bar. This is the method of copying the link of the video.
    4. Another method is to click on the three dots on the top right corner of the tweet and then select copy the link. Both methods are effective so choose according to your best.
  3. Once you copied the link open online tool. Over there you would be able to see the text box where you have to just paste the link you have copied and click on download.
  4. Google Chrome has an extension of this tool so if you want you may install it also.

So, this was my best method to download twitter videos so effectively, I hope it will help you too.


Let’s wrap up…

Twitter is like a mini blog where people just have to create the account and can share anything whatever they want in the form of text, images, videos, etc.

The only drawback of Twitter is that it does not allow their users to download videos or another format of data and that’s I have solved above.