How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Blog

Do you want more people to tweet about your blog posts? Are you looking for tried-and-true blog promotion strategies?

Twitter is a superb location to distribute your blog entries, but to get significant traffic and awareness, you’ll need to go beyond the fundamentals.

You’ll learn seven techniques to efficiently promote your blog posts on Twitter without spending money on ads in this article.

#1: Tweet the Link More Than Once

Several times tweeting your blog post is perfectly okay, especially if the material is evergreen (i.e., relevant for the foreseeable future).

What is the sweet spot in this situation? You don’t want to keep spamming your Twitter timeline with the same stuff. Create 3-5 separate tweets that you’ll publish at different times on the day of publication. Because only a small part of your followers will see each tweet, this strategy works well.

What happens after that first day? How much is excessive? That, of course, is dependent on the size of your archive.

You can tweet two or more posts from your archive every day if you have 300+ primarily evergreen blog content. New followers can then find you by looking at your older work.

If you simply have a few blog entries, that frequency may seem excessive, but the objective is to get the most out of your material by tweeting your archive endlessly for as long as it is relevant. is a platform that can help you automate tweets about your blog posts. You can develop year-long social promotion campaigns for your posts for free if you only publish one or two blog entries every month.

Connect your blog to via RSS feed to get started. You must determine the RSS URL for your site, which is often your domain followed by /feed (for example,

MissingLettr will generate a Twitter campaign for every new blog post you publish when you set up RSS, which you must accept. You begin by checking and adjusting the hashtags to ensure that they are appropriate for your blog post.

Then, based on the content of your blog post, develops a sequence of tweets to be scheduled throughout the next year. You may customize all of the tweets, change the hashtags, and choose which of the automatically generated photos you want (or upload your own images). will promote your blog post for the next 12 months after you approve all of the material and activate the campaign.

#2: Include “Click to Tweet” Links in Your Blog

The inclusion of social sharing buttons at the end of an article is an easy approach to urge blog readers to help you promote a piece. A click to tweet button, on the other hand, goes one step further by allowing readers to share a tweetable quote from the article.

Simply by using the click to tweet option, readers may share a quote while also linking back to your content. You may quickly and easily generate a clickable link with a tool called Click to Tweet. To begin, sign up for a free account and write the message you want to be tweeted.

When users click the linked text in a blog post, Twitter launches on their phone or computer and prompts them to tweet the link. If they choose, they can change your proposed text.

#3: Don’t Forget to Mention People You Include in the Blog Post

mention people in blog

This strategy is straightforward but effective. Collaboration is effective in social media promotion, and you don’t have to go out to major influencers and persuade them to join with you to reap the rewards.

In your blog article, simply mention someone’s work/teaching/opinions. Reach out to that person with a simple @mention when the blog is up and you’re promoting it on Twitter. If your blog piece is fantastic, they’ll probably share it with their audience or at the very least retweet it.

For example, JRC Consultancy released an article about Facebook Live that included our recommendations based on a podcast interview we conducted with them. We hadn’t met JRC Consultancy before this mention, but they urged us to share it with our audience by informing us that they had mentioned us in their blog.

#4: Repurpose Your Blog Content as an Image or Video

Twitter has traditionally been used to drive traffic to your blog, but a new trend is for people to read your content directly on Twitter. So, how do you take advantage of this trend while still promoting your blog? By repurposing your blog post into Twitter content and referencing the original source.

Images, short video, and live video are the three most common formats for repurposing content in this fashion. You may customize these to fit your needs and specialties. You can refer many private videos on twitter for more understanding.

#5: Thank Anyone or Retweet Who Mentions Your Blog

Keep an eye out on Twitter for people who are actively spreading your blog posts and remark or retweet them. Not only will people be more likely to share your post in the future, but retweeting what others have said about it adds social proof and increases traffic. It’s also a lovely gesture!

Keep a watch out for tweets that don’t include a @mentioned you because you never know when they could decide to voice their thoughts. To find these tweets, try typing the title of your website, the title of your post, or the URL into the Twitter search feature. Using this method, you may be able to identify individuals who are disseminating your message without your knowledge!

#6: Create Clickbait Tweets That Drive Traffic

Okay, so clickbait has a tainted reputation, but bear with us…. To get visitors to read your blog post, you have 140 characters and an image. People will keep scrolling if you don’t get imaginative with those 140 characters.

You don’t want to promise the world in your tweet and then disappoint in your blog article, so consider how your tweet makes people want to click and read more.

Make folks laugh to arouse that desire. Every human being desires to laugh. Brian Carter, for example, frequently uses amusing visuals to accompany his blog entries, making you want to pay attention. It’s a great method to advertise your blog by laying out the advantages of clicking in an interesting way.


You can master the technicalities of how Twitter works because it is a relatively straightforward platform. However, if you truly want to use Twitter as a smart marketing tool, you’ll need to go outside the box.

I strongly advise you to stop tweeting after a certain number of times, or to tweet only the title of your piece, followed by a link, and a hashtag. Instead, start employing these strategies to increase the number of people who see your material.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any other ideas for promotion to add to the list? What has proven to be the most effective for you? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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