Important guidelines for posting videos on Twitter

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Twitter is a strong social networking platform, but its features are limited. The activity of posting videos is controlled by a set of guidelines and standards based on the platform’s emphasis on sharing short-form media.

You cannot simply record limitless video and posting videos on Twitter as it is. So keep the following guidelines in mind the next time you design a visually rich twitter post.

Supported  Video Formats on Twitter

supported video formats

The Twitter app is compatible with MP4 and MOV video formats. However, a web-based upload must be an MP4 in H264 format with AAC audio. This is the most prevalent format for capturing and publishing online video content.

If your file type is improper, you can find handy and free online video converters for all your needs on the internet. Like video format tools.

Twitter’s Video Length Limitations

video length for twitter

Twitter’s maximum video duration is 140 seconds. Again, the application will allow you to trim a longer file during the upload process.

If you have a large amount of video to share with your followers, you should post it in short segments. Perhaps select the 2 minutes highlights and transform them into weekly entertaining episodes, it is a great way.

Video File Size Restrictions on Twitter

Twitter allows 512MB videos for uploading. Twitter will warn you if you try to upload a larger file. The software or original video file can reduce its length according to size.

If reduction isn’t enough, PC and mobile video compression alternatives exist. This is the most practical upload solution.

Twitter’s Video Resolution, Frame Rate, and Bitrate specification

format for twitter video posting

The minimum resolution required for Twitter video uploads is 32 x 32. Maximum resolution is up to 1920 x 1200 px.

The frame rate should not exceed 40 FPS, and the bitrate should not exceed 25 MB per second. The app’s capabilities will continue to develop in sync with digital technology.

Other guidelines for posting videos on Twitter

Sadly, you cannot tag people or add captions to videos on Twitter like you can with pictures. Don’t underrate the additional alternatives provided by a single tweet, however.

Simply outline the video’s content in your message and tag any relevant names. You can still use this method to get the most out of the platform’s video content, despite the fact that it uses up characters.


Because Twitter is such a significant and influential social media tool, there must be some guidelines for managing your presence. You will undoubtedly connect with the correct people and audience if you have enough creativity for posting videos on Twitter.