Top 5 Rock-solid Practices for Twitter Video Marketing


In contrast to popular belief, Twitter is a gold mine for video marketing. Over the last 18 months, daily video views on Twitter have increased by 95 percent. Similarly, watch time on Twitter has increased by 85 percent year over year. More importantly, if your Twitter marketing approach does not contain videos, you are missing out. Why? According to the study, tweets with videos receive 10 times more attention than ones without.

Understanding the specifics of video marketing and modifying your plan is required for effective video marketing. The most acceptable practices for video marketing on Twitter are highlighted in the following sections.

Make Videos Short and Direct

It would be best to get your word through as soon as possible. Passing a message within the first three seconds can have a 13 percent influence on total breakthrough measures. To maximize branding impact, Twitter recommends keeping messages under 15 seconds. It helps you to increase your Twitter user engagement with your brand.

Consider Your Target Audience

Everything about the film, including its effectiveness, is determined by this clear first step.

It’s all about establishing and joining discussions on Twitter. Otherwise, your video approach will fail to meet the needs of your target audience. Before you start filming your movie, you should ask yourself two questions:

  • What are the needs of my Target audience?
  • What are the trends going on now?

Any video that isn’t relevant in at least one of those ways is doomed to fail from the start. As a result, you must also ask yourself, “Who is my audience?” before answering the questions above.

You can only make a video that will appeal to viewers appropriately if these things are clear.

Create a Bridge Between the People and Product

Your video should include both your product and people who are enjoying it. Don’t overlook the relevance of emotions in advertising and the importance of demonstrating a personal connection to the product. Please don’t leave your audience in the dark; instead, assist them in making connections. According to Twitter, videos that depict a pleasant human contact or a human desire for a product receive a 40% boost in the overall response.

Use Visual Cues

Color, font, images, and other display elements are essential for perfect video marketing. Every aspect of the video should support the message you want to communicate. As a result, even the most delicate things must be carefully chosen.

Include your logo or branding element as early as feasible in the video. Furthermore, displaying your brand for more than half of the film might lead to a 25% rise in brand recall and a 21% increase in message recall. You can also download some Twitter videos for reference with the help of Twitter Video Downloader sites.

Try to Keep Tweet Description Short

The 280-character limit for tweet copy directly correlates with the 280-second video limit. So it would help if you choose which one you want to highlight. There’s no fixed rule for a lengthy piece if you’re sharing a video. Only use the tweet copy to draw the viewer’s attention to the video or encourage them to take action.

Finally, if videos haven’t been a part of your Twitter marketing plan before, now is the time to start. Always aim for impact when developing videos. As a result, you must establish precise measures in advance to assess the effectiveness of your efforts.