5 Best Twitter Video Downloader Apps in 2020

Twitter Video Downloader Apps

Best Twitter Video Downloader Apps

Watching images and videos from popular social media platforms like Twitter has become a daily routine for so many people. Quite easily, people can watch videos and images on Twitter. They can even download the images from Twitter.

However, the same thing can’t be possible for videos! You cannot directly download the videos from Twitter to your Android smartphone or iOS devices.

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So, what could be a reliable option to download Twitter videos?

Well, for downloading the Twitter videos of your choice, you need a twitter video downloader app.

So, here in this article, we will dive into the list of the best Twitter video downloader apps that will let you save Twitter videos on your smartphones.

Here we go!

Twitter Video Downloader Apps

Video Downloader for Twitter 

With a highly simple user interface, Video Downloader for Twitter app can let you save a video from Twitter. A simple way to do this is to copy the link of video or GIF that you wish to download on your smartphone, then paste that link and click on the “Paste & Download” button after that. 

You always have the option for the “Quick Open Twitter” button which will allow you to directly jump to the Twitter app.


Tweet2gif has quite a simple and easy to use interface. When opening the app, you get the option to enter the link of the video URL of the twitter video you need to download. Just below the URL option you get two button options one on the left with “Download MP4” and other on the right that says “Download GIF”. 

This means, you do have both the options, either you can download the video in GIF format or in the MP4 format.

Video Downloader Tweet

Video Downloader Tweet is an amazing app that works great if you want to download Twitter videos on the go. 

There are two different ways to download videos from Twitter in MP4 or GIF format, the first option is to download the video by share tweets or vine to the app and the other option is to copy the link and enter it into the box of the download app.

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GIF |Video | Tweet Downloader

GIF |Video | Tweet Downloader is an app that helps you to download the videos of Twitter in simple and easy steps.

One of the interesting things about this app is that with the use of this app, you do not require to login.  

This means, that you need to open the tweet and click on the “share icon”. Now, select from the list “GIF tweet Downloader” by pressing the download key.

Finally, when everything set and done, you can open the GIF and enjoy watching the video.

Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter 

Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter is a Twitter video downloader app that will let you download your favorite videos and GIFs from Twitter. 

Along with this, if you want to share your downloaded videos to your friends on social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, Keek, Kik, and more.  

With this app, the downloading of sensitive videos is not granted.

Final thoughts

Finally, after all said and done, the above-mentioned apps can be used to download Twitter videos easily and are safe. All the listed apps are free to download which you can try in a hassle-free way and keep the best app with you. 

Hopefully, you might found this article a useful read! If you have any suggestions or thoughts for similar other Twitter video downloader apps, then just let us know in the comment box below, we will list them on our future posts! Share it on social media so more people can get access to these apps.