How to Download Twitter Videos

Paste the URL of Video from Twitter into the field above.

twitter video downloader
Copy the Video URL
Choose video and copy the video’s URL from twitter.
twitter video downloader
Paste URL into Search Box
Paste the video URL into the search box and click the search button to find the video.
twitter video downloader
Download and Save Video
Click the Download button to save the twitter video to your computer.

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Twitter allows their users to upload content on the site. You can add photos, download twitter gif, Videos, and more to your Twitter profile. When you download the Twitter smartphone app, then you will be able to save images to your gallery.

There are millions of videos and photos uploaded to Twitter every single day, and we always have one or two interesting media in our feeds, then we want to save it to the gallery.

Twitter doesn’t allow its users to download or save the media on anyone’s profile for some reason. We don’t know the exact reason why they don’t allow their users to download Twitter Video Downloader to the gallery.

But, there are ways you can download videos, photos, and GIFs to your gallery.

Is There Any Tool to Download Twitter Videos?

Many tools in the market offer you to twitter video download, but only a few out of many can help you save Twitter videos to your Windows PC with the use of twitter video downloader.

We have found one tool that gives you a direct download link to your Windows PC, and you can also use the website from your smartphone as well. We will show you how you can download Twitter videos on your device without any errors.

Step 1: Go to your web browser, and visit that Twitter post, where the video was uploaded.

Step 2: Copy the link of the Twitter post.

Step 3: Go to Download4Twitter in another browser tab.

Step 4: You have to paste the copied URL of Twitter video post in the space and hit enter or search button on the website.

download video for twitter

Step 5: The tool fetches the thumbnail of the video, and you also get a lot of video resolutions. The video resolutions depend on the uploader, and you only resolution provided by the Twitter.


Step 6: You get two options, you can play the video to confirm the quality of the video, and confirm the video title.

In few occasions you select the wrong video, so you can confirm it quickly by playing the video. The inbuilt video player supports popular formats, so a rare format might not play in the player.

You can click on the download button, and the file shows up on your screen, and click on SAVE.

download twitter video

The download will begin immediately, or it takes few seconds to show up on your screen.

What if we get an error?

Sometimes you may get an error that the media doesn’t exist, or the link is invalid. Twitter verifies companies, who own the page and they give them privileges to those companies.

We have seen many firms who have added copyright marks on their content to avoid copyright infringement.

They put a lot of effort to make one piece of content for the viewers, but the publications and others steal the content without proper permissions. You cannot download a video that copyrighted on Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To save gif from twitter on iPhone kindly please follow these steps.

  1. Go to the twitter application from your iphone and find GIF as you want and save it.
  2. kindly Tap and hold the GIF which you want to save.
  3. click on save on library.
  4. enjoy your GIF file is saved.

Here are the process to save twitter video downloader free forever.

  1. please open the twitter, and go to the tweet section which may have videos.
  2. get click on video link of tweet.
  3. copy video url form twitter tweet and paste those url on downloader4twitter website and click on download button.
  4. after those process you should select the video quality over there and click on download button.
  5. your video is beign downloaded.

kindly please follow these below steps.

  1. open your browser on mac and go to the and find content which have video.
  2. after you find video which you actually want then click on horizontal three dot (…) like this.
  3. you will show list of different options like “share via direct message”, “copy link to tweet”.
  4. select “copy link to tweet”
  5. paste that copied link into downloader4twitter site and click on download.

kindly please follow these below steps.

Your downloaded video files are saved on the “default” folder that is set from your “browser settings”. To change the downloading destination folder, you can simply navigate to the “browser settings” and select the destination folder and change that manually.
So, the next time when you download any twitter videos, the downloaded files get straight into the destination folder that you manually change.

check for the below causes.

  1. The link that you have copied may belong to a secured account.
  2. If the copied link is broken or incorrect than in such case you may not be able to download Twitter Video files
  3. Instead of the Video file, the link that you copied might contain the image file.

kindly please follow these below steps.

No, to download a twitter video from
First, you would need to register and sign in to your twitter account and then you can easily download Twitter videos from

kindly please follow these below steps.

Copy and paste the tweeted video URL into the text box and then you need to click the Download button.
Select the Video quality format that you need for the downloaded video file and tap on the download link to download the twitter video with your preferred file format.

Check Below Article.

Sometimes you get some errors where it says, the link is not valid or the media is not supported.
Note: Twitter has a verification process and verifies the page belongs to which company. Some of the company adds their copyright marks on their pages so that the copyright infringement does not take place.
Companies put a lot of time and effort into generating content for their viewers and they make sure that nobody breaches their copyrighted content by using it without their permission.

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